Established on 07 April 1999 to realize the vision and aspirations of Late Shri Kishor Suryawanshi. A vision that remained unfulfilled has manifested into this modern school with traditional values- a school with a difference, where all-round development of children is the mission; a school where facilities are created for meaningful utilization by the children and not merely to attract parents ; and, a school where children are encouraged to dream and then guided to have the vision, the courage and the perseverance to succeed in whatever they choose.

Powerful Learning Mechanism

           A learning environment is exciting and stimulates the desire to know more. The normal learning style at KISHOR SURYAWANSHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL-NASHIK is challenging and rigorous, yet enjoyable. It encourages the students to analyse situations, consider problems, think individually, find solutions and take responsibility for the same.

           To provide challenging learning situations, investigation into preferred learning styles of students is a regular feature at KISHOR SURYAWANSHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL-NASHIK. The teachers are trained to adopt an innovative and learner oriented approach to make every lesson captivating. KISHOR SURYAWANSHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL-NASHIK strives regularly to develop new versions of the Powerful Learning Mechanism.

           A comprehensive and continuous assessment of a student's performance is done right through the academic year. Teachers, therefore work towards improvement of each individual's academic standard on a continuous basis. This ensures that a student's achievement at KISHOR SURYAWANSHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL-NASHIK is consistently high. Added to that, KISHOR SURYAWANSHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL-NASHIK celebrates and rewards successful learning.

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